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Do you have a growing team that wants to communicate and work better together?

In smaller teams, communication often works well, especially if you sit together in an office. You tap someone on the shoulder, check in at lunch or meet at the coffee machine. But as the business grows, there is more and more information to keep track of and complex information chains to handle. 

If you stop and analyze your communication routines, you can prevent many common communication challenges, maintain good customer communication and reduce the risk of misunderstandings between colleagues. 

We at SweTech have a concrete approach to the concept of communication. Read more about how we work with communication development, or contact us directly to discuss your organization.

How do we work with communication development?

A communication development process can consist of some or all of the steps below.


Get to know

To help you analyze and streamline your communication, we need to start by getting to know your organization. We sit down with the management team, meet as many colleagues as possible, and visit your worksite to gain as much information as possible. 



We can start mapping your current routines when we know a little more about your organization and the challenges you face.


At this stage, we collect information, ask questions and facilitate workshops. Together with you and your colleagues, we develop new communication guidelines.



If you would like us to, we can compile the results of the mapping stage into a communication guide.


The output is a document you can develop on your own or in consultation with us as the business grows.



You are most welcome to implement the communication guide in your onboarding routines or other internal training.


We can help you by planning and facilitating communication training based on your needs.

Would you like to know more?

Let's get in touch!

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