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Learn more about inclusion and language development at work

As a colleague or manager, you have great opportunities to contribute to language development among your employees. But it is not always easy to know how to help, especially when everyday life is stressful and there is not much time left for reflection. 

With concrete tools and routines, you can create a language-developing workplace without it taking time away from your core business. Below you will see examples of two themes that we are happy to discuss in lectures, workshops, or programs. These themes can be treated together, individually, or with the help of one of our partners. 

Read on or contact us directly to find out how we can educate your organization together.

Workshop 1

Linguistic inclusion

In many Swedish workplaces, a monolingual norm prevails, the understanding that there is only one right language to communicate in all situations. In a workshop on linguistic inclusion, we look into how you can use different language skills as resources in your business. We also provide information about what it means to learn a language in adulthood and what factors influence language development.


Workshop 2

Language development workplaces

Language skills are perhaps the most valuable key to integration. Those who work full-time spend a large part of their everyday life at the workplace. But, even for those who work part-time or have an internship a few days a week, work can be one of the few opportunities to practice their new language. By implementing routines, taking advantage of the resources available in everyday life, and seeing work moments as opportunities for language development, you and your colleagues can create a language-developing workplace. 

Our language development workshops are often practical and contain tips and advice. We can adapt the content to a single organization or make it more general. 

Are you interested in a workshop?

Get in touch and we'll talk further about what type of arrangement would suit your company or organization. 

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