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Flexible and interactive Swedish classes

Language and diversity create the future

In 2022, it is no longer a matter of diversity being or not being. It's about seeing our different experiences, perspectives, and mindsets as the resources they are. 

Of course, there are challenges. When it comes to increasing national diversity, language is one such challenge. In many organizations, it is possible to communicate in a common language, such as English, but you will still encounter misunderstandings. Language is so much more than words and grammar. Our language also affects our body language, how we formulate ourselves and how we interpret the answers we receive. 

Language courses in the workplace are an investment that pays off. But to reach an organization's full potential requires adaptation and understanding from all sides. Our experience of working with language training and international teams has given us insights into how a workplace can become linguistically inclusive and language developing. 

We are happy to share our knowledge and our tools. Read more about our various services for businesses below or use the form to contact us directly.


How can we help you?

Swedish at work is our core business.


Regardless of whether you have one or twenty colleagues who are learning Swedish, we are happy to help with efficient and engaging language training, digitally or in your office. 

Read more about our corporate language classes. 

Svenska på jobbet

Are there many people at your workplace learning Swedish? Have you thought about how you can create a language-developing workplace and support your colleagues' language learning?


Under the workshops tab, you can read more about our courses in inclusion and language development at your workplace.


Are you a part of a growing company? Are there a lot of information and communication channels to keep track of? Is it difficult to know who, when, where, and how you should communicate with each other?


We will be happy to help you map your communication paths, develop new guidelines, and help regain control over your communication.

Kommunikation på jobbet
Mountain Peak

What do our customers say?

"Hjälpen som vi fick från SweTeach är guld värd"

Min fru och jag tog hjälp av SweTeach för att förbättra vårt uttal, grammatik och professionalitet när vi pratar svenska. Rebecca har lyssnat på oss, uppmärksammat våra svagheter när vi pratar och kommit med förbättringsförslag och ersättningsord som passar i situationen. Hjälpen som vi fick från SweTeach är guld värd och vi uppskattar verkligen att vi gemensamt kommer överens om själva sessionsuppläggen och utnyttjar varje minut av sessionen.

Bashar from Iraq

Language course in a pair


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