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Diverse Exchange Students

Swedish Language
Boot Camp 2024

For international employees

Office Corridor Talk

Elevate your Swedish language proficiency and empower your team members with our Swedish Language Bootcamp


Our dynamic five-module program is tailored to professionals in Swedish companies, offering personalized coaching sessions to identify strengths, address weaknesses, and develop self-study strategies. for continuous improvement.


Join us for an intensive summer learning experience designed to boost workplace communication and maximize your team's Swedish language skills!

Meet the teachers!


Rebecca and Linn are two of the professional teachers in Team SweTeach, and they will be teaching the summer course.


Together with their colleagues, they have a passion for language learning and bring innovative teaching methods to their classrooms.


Course Structure


The Swedish Language Boot Camp is designed to enhance the Swedish language proficiency of international employees working in Swedish companies. This intensive course consists of five sessions, totaling 10 hours, aimed at improving various language skills necessary for effective workplace communication.


The course is offered both at United Spaces Lindholmen in Gothenburg and online, with individual learning reports and personalized feedback sessions included to ensure continuous improvement.

  • Session 1: Navigating work-related texts
    Participants will engage in exercises to improve their ability to read and understand Swedish texts commonly encountered in a professional setting.

  • Session 2: Mastering Swedish emails
    This session is dedicated to developing skills for writing clear and professional emails in Swedish. Participants will learn key phrases, structure, and tone appropriate for workplace communication.

  • Session 3: Effective listening in the workplace
    The focus here is on enhancing listening skills crucial for understanding spoken Swedish in meetings, presentations, and everyday interactions.

  • Session 4: Conversational Swedish for work
    Participants will engage in activities designed to enhance their ability to hold conversations, participate in meetings, and collaborate on projects in Swedish.

  • Session 5: Swedish presentation skills
    The final session focuses on delivering presentations in Swedish. The session will include practice presentations with feedback to refine skills.


By the end of this boot camp, participants will have significantly improved their Swedish language skills, enabling them to communicate more effectively and confidently in their professional environment.

Online Course

VD/Language coach

Rebecca Kågesjö

Language coach

Linn Bescher

Early Bird Price: 2 999 excl. VAT


Take advantage of our early registration discount by enrolling before June 1st.


Price: 3 399  excl. VAT

Level: Intermediate (B1/B2)

Location: United Spaces Lindholmen (Gothenburg, Sweden) or online

Duration: A 10-hour course + an individual feedback session

Schedule: Daytime sessions during w. 26, 27 and 32.



Group 1 (Rebecca): Online, Tuesdays and Thursdays 10.15-12.15

Group 2 (Rebecca): On-site, Wednesdays and Fridays 08.15-10.15
Group 3 (Linn): Online, Mondays and Wednesdays 17.00-19.00

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What do our customers say ?

Diverse Exchange Students

We have collaborated with SweTeach for a couple of years to train our foreign engineers in the Swedish language and Swedish culture.


We have received tailored training and a professional implementation that is highly appreciated by us and our employees. We would highly recommend Rebecca and SweTeach to both friends and partners who have similar needs to us. 

"We have received tailored training and professional implementation."


Therese, CEO at Sylog Väst AB

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