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How to stay motivated to learn Swedish effectively

Starting to learn a new language such as Swedish can be an inspiring and exciting project, especially when you are all fired up and ready to master the language. However, learning a language is a long journey which takes time and effort. Throughout this journey, a very common experience you may face is keeping up the motivation, and you may end up placing your language studies on the back burner and eventually stopping it altogether.

How then do you get back that fire and drive? Well, before all that, first give yourself a pat on the back for wanting and beginning to learn a new language despite all your other commitments, and be proud of all you have achieved so far! Next, let’s dive into some tips for how you can stay motivated to learn Swedish effectively.

1. Keep your language learning goals and the ‘why’ behind them in mind

Remember that feeling you got when you first decided to learn Swedish and dived headfirst into it? What was it that sparked that drive in you and made you decide to do it? There could be a variety of reasons, but remembering why you wanted to learn Swedish, keeping those reasons in mind and reminding yourself about them can spur you to keep going and pick up once more from where you left off. You could write these reasons somewhere where you will see them everyday for a daily reminder and motivational boost!

2. Use the language in a supportive environment

Being able to relax and use the language no matter which level you are at is a valuable and motivating experience for language learners. This represents a space where they can feel safe, make mistakes and learn from them instead of feeling embarrassed or discouraged. Such environments can be found where other language learners gather, for instance at a språkcafe, or at your workplace where your colleagues can practice Swedish with you.

3. Immerse yourself and integrate the language into your everyday activities

Learning can be taking place all the time, and it does not have to feel like an activity that you have to specifically set aside time for. By making some small adjustments, you could be on your way to improving your Swedish in no time! Actions such as choosing to read a brochure or menu in Swedish, using an app or website in Swedish, and listening to Swedish announcements in public places can help you pick up new vocabulary and context for words.

4. Keep it exciting and fun by finding contexts you enjoy

When you are unmotivated, the last thing you want is for the task on hand to feel tedious, dull and repetitive. Learning can be fun and done in many different ways, hence you can find new inspiration and ideas for learning Swedish by mixing it up with a variety of materials and topics you like! Listen to an e-book or a playlist of Swedish songs, read a comic or watch a documentary, attend an exhibition… you are free to choose how you want to learn and engage with the language.

(Psst.. we also recommend checking out the LinkedIn posts by our CEO and language coach Rebecca. They are relatable, insightful and always spark discussions and ideas!)

5. Join a class and meet people who can guide you and share the experience

Learning with a class, group or a language coach can be a great way to stay motivated. You can share your language learning goals with them, practice speaking and writing, and chart your progress together. In this way, you have someone or a group that helps you stay accountable and on track with your studies. As a language learner, you may not even know what you don’t know (and need to know), and how to improve and learn more effectively. A plan that is tailor-made for your goals, guidance towards achieving them and encouragement through the gradual language learning process can be a huge motivating factor for your Swedish studies.

Are you about to head back to your Swedish studies now with renewed energy after reading this blog post? We don’t blame you!

In the meantime, don’t forget that SweTeach is here to support you in your Swedish studies with our range of courses for private individuals and companies. Our Swedish courses can be held digitally or at your workplace, and they are customized to your goals and needs with relevant and engaging content. We also provide workshops on how you can create an inclusive workplace and support your colleagues’ Swedish language development. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your Swedish learning!

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